Talent training and development

The VTB Group offers employees ample opportunities for training and professional development. Various training initiatives are regularly run across the Group, allowing our team members to gain new knowledge and skills so that they can realise their potential to the fullest.

In 2019, our priorities in professional and personal development focused on fostering a culture of leadership and efficiency based on the VTB Group Development Strategy and on establishing a balance of team and individual success in keeping with the highest service standards in interactions with external and internal clients.

Training extends to all staff, from managers at various levels to employees, including front-office staff.

The average annual hours of training per Group employee (including new assets) totalled 45 academic hours
Our new assets include Vozrozhdenie Bank, Sarovbusinessbank, and Zapsibkombank.. Among all Group companies, VTB Bank provided the largest amount of training. In 2019, the average number of training hours per Bank employee was 54 academic hours, of which distance learning accounted for 44%. Over 87,600 full-time employees received training in 2019The number of trainees exceeds the headcount because some employees were re-trained for various reasons such as promotion, termination, and departures to and returns from maternity leave.. The number of trainees grew 47% YoY. The average number of training events per employee in 2019 was over 10.

VTB widely uses the feedback process in place to make employee training more efficient and to improve training programmes.

VTB Bank training
VTB Bank’s key training programmes in 2019
Training program Program description Results
Development programmes for line management A set of development tracks covering various corporate areas: negotiations, cross-functional engagement, conflict management, employee motivation and engagement, change management, team leadership, etc.
>40 academic hours per course
Three distance modules and one on-site module
Technology Breakfast, short events for all employees to expand knowledge on new topics Short-term training programmes promoting innovation to improve employees’ professional knowledge and set up an internal tech community 20 events
2 academic hours
VTB Bank performance management A set of on-site, online, and distance-learning courses in employee performance management (in place since 2018)
From 2 to 21 academic hours
Master Migrator Developing client focus and client management skills in remote banking channels
12 academic hours
Secrets to a Successful Team Developing team communication skills
2 academic hours
Digital Transformation 2.0, a business simulation Developing skills to manage goals in a dynamic environment
4 academic hours
Product-related sessions held as part of training initiatives for client service and sales teams Training client service and sales teams on the Transactional Business Department’s banking products and services
21 academic hours
Engagement with minority shareholders Introduction to stock and securities market; VTB’s shareholder engagement practices
1 academic hours
Conflict Management, a development programme for the regional network’s management Developing conflict-handling skills and creating a cooperative team environment
An integrated programme consisting of three module activities (distance and on-site)
2.5 months
Emotional Intelligence, a development programme for the regional network’s management Training in how to influence the team atmosphere and, as a result, employee performance
21 academic hours
Management approach A set of programmes for new point-of-sales management (designed to help managers quickly adapt to a changing situation and improve their self-organisation skills and personal effectiveness)
From 3 to 21 academic hours

In 2019, VTB Bank made active efforts to promote mentoring. The mentoring project trains and adapts new employees for the Bank’s integrated regional network. Mentors are appointed from among employees, including heads of regional offices who have passed the screening process and received specialised training.

The year saw over 7,500 project participants take part in VTB Mentoring Practice webinars and training sessions. The participants studied the key aspects, roles, and processes relating to mentors’ activity at VTB Bank, looked into nuances of and various approaches to adult education, and learnt how to use teaching and feedback tools.

Collaboration with INSEAD and IMD

In 2019, VTB Bank strengthened its partnerships with INSEAD and IMD. More than 200 VTB executives studied international management tools in the INSEAD online programmes Leading Organisations in Disruptive Times and Building Digital Partnerships and Ecosystems, which are among the school’s most popular online programmes. Further, 2019 saw a unique on-site module programme for management developed, called Innovations and Value Creation in Banking. The programme is slated for 2020.

Talent pooling

As part of its talent management programmes, VTB focuses on creating the conditions to encourage professional development of its teams and improve their skill. Setting up and developing a talent pool helps achieve that objective.

The merger of the Bank’s retail and corporate networks in 2019 marked a new milestone in its talent pool management, resulting in a major project to nurture future leaders for the new network. The project involved a total of 1,723 employees. In 2019, the Bank ran integrated development programmes geared towards its middle and line management pools.

Attracting young talent

The VTB Group puts great emphasis on attracting young talent and engaging with potential employees – students from major universities both in and outside Russia.

VTB Bank has cooperation agreements with over 180 universities nationwide. The objectives of this cooperation include developing graduates’ skills; hosting and taking part in events for university students and graduates; organising internships at VTB Bank; and providing professional training, re-training and development programmes for Bank employees. VTB Bank hosted 549 events in collaboration with its partner universities in 2019.

Every year, young professionals take internships at VTB Bank. In 2019, a total of around 2,300 students took pre-graduation internships and on-the-job training at the Bank.

Examples of ongoing paid internship programmes include VTB Junior (for Bachelor graduates) and VTB Rost (for Master graduates with little work experience) – initiatives VTB Bank has been pursuing for nine years. The year saw 177 and 19 people participate in VTB Junior and VTB Rost programmes, respectively. In 2019, the VTB Junior programme was expanded to include the Bank’s integrated regional network, running both in Moscow and in 60 cities across Russia.

The year also saw internship initiatives launched for young IT specialists – IT Junior and the Java and JavaScript developer schools. In addition to the primary courses for 86 IT interns, technology-related sessions were held, attended by internal and external experts.

Partnerships with educational institutions in 2019

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
North-West Institute of Management of the Presidential Academy
of National Economy and Public Administration
Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Orenburg State University
Voronezh State University