Charitable environmental projects

Charitable activity aimed at preserving biodiversity and rational use of natural resources is another line of VTB’s activity in the area of environmental protection.

The Bank traditionally supports a number of non-profit organisations and funds primarily aimed at address ing environmental challenges.


Companies of the Group also provide support for sponsors’ projects aimed at improving the environment in regions.

Vozrozhdenie Bank supported a community project for the recovery of the Temernik river in Rostov-on-Don and the creation of the longest linear recreational park in Europe. The project involves creation of an environmental monitoring system to track the condition of the river, elimination of all pollution sources, and creation of a park space along with beautification and greenspace expansion. Zapsibkombank carries out a corporate treeplanting event each year: in 2019, 250 bank employees planted 40 trees in a Tyumen municipal park. Employees of VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) joined a city event to plant 650,000 trees as part of the celebration of the 650th Anniversary of the famous poet and thinker Imadeddin Nesimi.