Availability and quality of banking services

The VTB Group is increasing the number of sales offices in the countries and regions where it operates, expanding the network of ATMs and striving to improve the quality of its products and services for all clients, regardless of how distant their regions are or what the opportunities of clients are.

Development of a client service network

In 2019, VTB continued to provide services to retail clients in Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Germany, and Austria. The Group operates a total of 1,815 sales offices
, over 90%
of which are located in Russia. The growth in the number of sales offices in the reporting period is associated with the purchase of new assets that have an extensive network of offices across regions.

One of the key goals of client service is to increase the accessibility of financial services to people living in small or distant locations.

 Number of Group sales offices in 2017–2019
Sales offices 2017 2018 2019 2019
excluding new assets including new assetsOur new assets include Vozrozhdenie Bank, Sarovbusinessbank, and Zapsibkombank.
In Russia 1,341 1,345 1,395 1,638
including low-populated and economically disadvantaged areas 247 251 266 305
Outside Russia 180 183 177 177

In 2019, the VTB Group operated 18,000 ATMs across Russia.

The year saw VTB Bank increase the number of ATMs equipped with a recycling feature, which helps extend the service life of the ATM. The Bank is Russia’s leader for this indicator.

Each year more and more clients prefer going digital, communicating through messengers and chats. In 2019, VTB Bank significantly expanded the range of remote services. Self-service kiosks are currently being equipped with contactless readers.

Furthermore, VTB is offering its clients an opportunity to open deposits and savings accounts via ATMs. A deposit can be opened in any self-service kiosk. A number of deposits offer higher profitability than similar products opened in the Bank’s branches. An ATM can also be used to add and withdraw cash in a savings account.

Increased accessibility for people with disabilities

The VTB Group strives to provide equal access to its services for all clients. New sales offices are equipped with infrastructure that ensures free access to premises for people with disabilities, people with restricted mobility, and the elderly.

Many VTB Bank sales offices are equipped with ramps and devices that facilitate access to the services for people with disabilities and the elderly.

The VTB Group employees are properly trained to service and assist people with disabilities in order to help them overcome the barriers preventing their access to services.

There are tactile information plates in Braille letters, tactile floor tiles, and tactile trail markers for the visually impaired. Starting from 2018, all purchased ATMs are equipped with Braille keyboards. Furthermore, the Bank’s website offers an opportunity to convert text to clear and distinct speech.

The VTB Group’s banks are also working towards facilitating interaction between people with disabilities and the Bank.

Initiatives implemented by VTB Group banks to increase accessibility
VTB Group’s banks Description
VTB Bank (Belarus) 38 offices equipped with ramps
VTB Bank (Armenia) 25 offices equipped with ramps, 187 ATMs equipped with Braille keyboards
VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) 16 offices equipped with ramps
VTB Bank (Georgia) 7 offices equipped with ramps
Zapsibkombank 41 offices equipped with ramps
Vozrozhdenie Bank 75 offices equipped with ramps, mobile crawler hoists, and anti-vandal assistant call buttons

Development of remote banking

In 2019, the role of digitalisation and the introduction of new technologies reached the national level. At the level of the Russian government, several national projects were created to encourage the country’s economic growth and further development by introducing state-of-the-art technologies. VTB rose to the occasion and continued to develop its digital projects for all client categories

In 2019, VTB broke a new historical record – the number of active Bank clients reached 14 million individuals, over 60% of whom are active users of VTB Online.

Digital solutions for VTB’s retail clients

Virtual assistant in a mobile app

In 2019, VTB launched a virtual assistant in its app. Its core function is to provide assistance with frequently asked questions and to facilitate navigation across the app. The virtual assistance can also provide clients with information on bank card payment details, account balances, minimum payments due, or the last five card transactions. Launch of the virtual assistant enabled VTB to reduce by almost half the work load of employees who would previously reply to clients in the chat while automating the processing of a significant number of client calls.

Automated recognition of passport data

VTB Bank implemented a new technology of automated recognition and entry of passport data when servicing individuals. This technology allows documents to be scanned and automatically recognised and client data to be filled out in the Bank’s accounting systems, all as a single operation. This method will avoid mistakes when data are entered manually, while increasing client loyalty thanks to better and quicker service and streamlining banking processes. The automated passport data recognition project covers the Bank’s entire network, which comprises over 1,500 offices.

Online deposits

In 2019, VTB simplified the process of making deposits online in both the mobile app and web-based browser. The new service users the ability to obtain all information about each deposit, from the interest rate to validity period to top-up and withdrawal options. VTB Online now offers a unified table of interest rates that allows users to immediately find the most suitable offer.

Collection of biometric data

VTB has provided for collection of client data as part of the Unified Biometric System across all regions of Russia where the Bank operates. People can provide their biometric samples (facial image and voice sample) in full compliance with the requirements of the Bank of Russia at any VTB branch where the appropriate equipment is available. Clients who complete the procedure will be able to open deposits, savings and current accounts, make payments and wire transfers, and use other services remotely. This will make banking services more accessible to residents in distant locations.

Remote account opening

In early 2019, VTB Bank added to its website a service for remote opening of accounts using the national biometric data system. Now each citizen of the Russian Federation that is registered on Gosuslugi portal may become a client of VTB without visiting VTB’s offices. To do so, people should simply confirm their identity on the portal by taking a photo of themselves and pronouncing a set of numbers out loud.

The opportunity to use VTB Bank’s services via remote channels is available not only to retail clients but also to companies and sole proprietors. A capability was implemented to enable remote signing of deposit and loan e-agreements with corporate clients along with signing the documents by enhanced qualified digital signature. Furthermore, services were launched commercially to submit applications for issuing guarantees electronically with the ability to make amendments.

Systems for remote interaction across Group companies, such as VTB Bank (Belarus), VTB Bank (Kazakhstan), VTB Bank (Armenia), VTB Bank (Georgia), Vozrozhdenie Bank, and Zapsibkombank , were improved and streamlined. A QR code–based payment service was created; a feature to submit short loan applications was made available; credit repayment services were enhanced; and display of current and obsolete bank products was added.

The VTB Group’s banks also recognise the need to improve client engagement. For instance, at VTB Bank (Belarus), client satisfaction reached 9.4 points out of 10 by early 2020, and the statistics from phone surveys show that clients tend to consider the polite attitude and professional competence of Bank employees to be the most important thing about being a Bank client.

In 2019, VTB Bank (Armenia) conducted a review of operations of the branches using the secret shopper method as part of the Service Quality Monitoring project. 74 service criteria were assessed in the course of this review.

The research led to a range of measures being taken to correct the detected deficiencies, and training sessions were given to enhance employee qualifications. Client satisfaction with contact centre employees grew from 86% to 95% within a year.

Better service and data privacy

VTB’s activities aim to improve operations and service quality for all client categories. The Group’s Development Strategy sees improved service quality and client loyalty across all segments as a top priority for the Group’s development. For this reason, the Group’s banks carry out annual research to assess client satisfaction with the service provided across branches.

In the reporting period, VTB Bank carried out a range of online and phone surveys, analysed client calls and used the secret shopper method to assess the level of satisfaction with client service across sales offices.

According to a monthly survey conducted by VTB Bank, clients demonstrate a steady level of satisfaction with client service across online channels (mobile banking app, web banking app, ATMs). Furthermore, growth in the satisfaction level is observed as it relates to ATM use, which is explained by a range of measures taken in 2019 to increase the stability of their operations. VTB Bank uses state-of-the-art systems to protect information and strives to eliminate violations of personal data.

VTB Pension Fund also strives to improve the quality of services and calculates the level of client satisfaction. In 2019, a number of phone surveys and an assessment of client satisfaction for OmniChat interactions were conducted. The results showed that the client satisfaction index was 4.8 out of 5 (for the phone survey) and 4.6 out of 5 (for OmniChat).

Growth of client satisfaction for VTB Bank (Armenia) in 2019