VTB for clients

VTB is increasing the availability and quality of services, providing financing to socially important projects and contributing to job creation in companies across industries. VTB is building its business in such a way as to provide maximum contribution to the social and economic development of the countries and regions where it operates, as well as to meet the expectations of its clients.

A new VTB Group Development Strategy was adopted in 2019, which includes an updated mission, vision, and values. The Group set ambitious new goals to significantly improve its business model and achieve a net profit of more than RUB 300 billion by 2022 with a return on equity of 15%.

Priorities of the VTB Group’s Development Strategy for 2019–2022

  • Intense growth of the banking business, complemented by digital economy initiatives
  • A focus on client interests and service quality
  • New trends: increased efficiency, digitalisation, and advanced technologies
Denis Bortnikov

Denis Bortnikov
Deputy President and Chairman of the Management Board, VTB Bank

Client focus is the key value of the VTB Group. We are building relationships with entrepreneurs and organisations based on principles of fairness, due diligence, professional competence, mutual trust and providing extensive support in bringing their business ideas to life. We realise that we play an important role as an engine of developing the real economy across Russia’s regions, and we provide extensive support to all industries and all major projects. Our clients include both industry leaders that produce numerous jobs and ambitious startups that are only beginning to see the entire range of opportunities offered by cooperation with VTB. Every day the Bank’s team is guided by a slogan “We Help by Doing”, developing and implementing practical solutions that will be highly sought for.

The following results were achieved in 2019:

  • Increase in net profit: the year’s profit was RUB 201.2 billion (an increase of 12.9%The comparison of P&L statement indicators is presented based on modified 2018 indicators for YoY comparability (excluding the operating results of Post Bank PJSC, Multicard LLC, VTB Insurance LLC, VTB Bank (Ukraine) JSC, and VTB Bank (Belgrade) JSC) over 2018);
  • Banking business integration: VTB Bank merged its retail and corporate networks, thus making it the largest merger of the kind in the history of the Russian banking system and a logical continuation of the successful merger of VTB24 and VTB Bank that was completed in 2018. During the reporting year, VTB Bank worked on integrating Zapsibkombank and Sarovbusinessbank into the Group, as well as Vozrozhdenie Bank, which was acquired in 2018;
  • Modernisation: several large-scale digital projects were started in 2019, with the number of remote-banking users growing by 31% to reach approximately five million. Most digital solutions were implemented across retail systems, with their total number exceeding 9,000.
Main focus areas of projects in key client segments of VTB Group operations

VTB priorities

  • Achievement of VTB’s strategic goals
  • Cooperation with governmental authorities
  • Implementing projects focused on social and economic development of regions with operations and environmental improvement
  • Improving the quality and availability of financial services for the Group’s clients

VTB offers new products that are more attractive and beneficial for its clients, which explains the growth in the volume of lending services. In 2019, the size of the VTB Group’s loan portfolio reached RUB 11.5 trillion. Individuals still account for 29.4% of the loan portfolio along with 10.9% accounted for by construction industry companies and 9.2% by oil & gas companies.

Distribution of VTB Group’s loan portfolio, 31 December 2019
Number of Group banking clients in 2017–2019
Banking clients of VTB Group 2017 2018 2019 2019
excluding new assets including new assets Our new assets include Vozrozhdenie Bank, Sarovbusinessbank, and Zapsibkombank.
Corporate-investment business 9,063 10,631 11,438 12,509
Small and medium business 259,883 644,936 731,508 815,301
Retail business, thousand people 12,924 14,084 15,382 16,661