A Healthy Country

This programme facilitates achieving the objectives of the Health and Environment national projects. We support healthcare providers and projects related to developing advanced healthcare technology. We also support projects that help solve environmental problemsFor details on charitable environmental projects, see VTB for the environment section..

In 2019, VTB supported 77 healthcare projects, including events held by 59 healthcare providers and 7 foundations. VTB held 26 events (4 in Moscow and 22 across Russia) as part of the World without Tears programme.

For over 15 years, VTB Bank has been running a national corporate programme called World without Tears for buying equipment for children’s hospitals. Since the programme’s launch, more than 100 children’s hospitals in 52 regions across Russia have received financial support to purchase high-tech equipment, expensive medication, and supplies. The campaign is open to any paediatric healthcare provider.

In 2019, the Bank allocated a total of over RUB 75 million to support the project, almost twice as much as in 2018. Donations to regional hospitals grew from RUB 1.5 million to 3.0 million, while Moscow hospitals received a total of RUB 3.5 million.

Support for the Dmitry Rogachev National Research Centre of Paediatric Haematology, Oncology, and Immunology

In 2019, VTB Bank donated, for the second time, 75 million roubles to Doctors, Innovations, and Science for Children Endowment Fund, a foundation set up in 2014 to provide sustainable funding for scientific and clinical research at the Dmitry Rogachev National Research Centre of Paediatric Haematology, Oncology, and Immunology.

The centre’s central purpose is not only to provide effective treatment for children but also to develop and implement uniform, internationally recognised treatment protocols. The centre is the driver behind the development of children’s haematology and oncology in Russia. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, over 80% of patients fully recovered, including those with conditions previously considered incurable.

Doctors, Innovations, and Science for Children uses advanced methods and technology to treat childhood cancer and other serious diseases, acquires resources for scientific research, delivers lectures and training, and holds seminars and conferences.

Good Room project

Vozrozhdenie Bank sponsored Podmoskovye’s Good Room project organising play spaces for children in hospitals and clinics. The project kicked off in late 2019. Over 60 Good Rooms have been opened to date in 47 municipal districts across Moscow region, and the project is still underway.

Since 2011, VTB Bank has supported Illustrated Books for Little Blind Children, a charity foundation producing tactile books for visually impaired children. The bank has participated in the foundation’s projects virtually since its inception in 1995. Over its history, the foundation has published over 150,000 book sets. The foundation’s programme involves over 1,000 children’s institutions in 300 Russian cities. The VTB Group also provided massive support for the Deaf-Blind Support Foundation.