Stakeholder engagement

The VTB Group’s stakeholder engagement activitiesMajor stakeholder groups are defined in VTB Bank’s CSR Policy, which is available on the Bank’s official website. rely on the principles of fairness, due diligence, professional competence, mutual trust and respect, focus on clients’ interests, and inviolability of obligations.

The VTB Group strives to build productive and efficient stakeholder engagement using various interaction channels and various methods of information disclosure for this purpose.

Key channels and results of stakeholder engagement
Shareholders and investors
  • Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (2,348 participants, +47% YoY)
  • Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (2,759 participants, +106% YoY)
  • Three Shareholders’ Centres in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg
  • Shareholders’ Consultative CouncilMore detailed information on the SCC can be found on the Bank’s official website. (five meetings already held)
  • Receiving calls to the Shareholders Support Service (over 13,800 calls on matters related to organising corporate events, client service, special offers for shareholders, shares, dividends, etc.)
  • Fact Sheet (10 issues, 46,000 recipients)
  • VTB Shareholder app (30,300 installations)
  • Three Investor Days (1,700 participants), 14 seminars dedicated to the stock market (782 participants), TV streams, eight Doors Open Days, round-table discussion, online stream of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (2,028 participants)
  • Special offers and benefits for Bank shareholders (more than 111,000 products and services of VTB Bank are purchased by Bank shareholders)
  • Proactive cooperation with institutional investors, analysts and rating agencies (313 meetings with institutional investors and analysts, 538 participants of conference calls relating to reporting disclosure). Over half the meetings were arranged on an individual basis. A lot of effort was put into communicating the Bank’s financial performance and activities to investors
  • As part of introducing the VTB Group Development Strategy, the Bank hosted an event called Analyst Day involving management and 26 sell-side analysts from major companies, both Russian and non-Russian
  • Client satisfaction research
  • Remote banking service channels including mobile and web VTB Online banking app, information support through the Bank’s social media accounts and mobile apps
  • VTB Call Centre
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement survey
  • Intranet portal
  • Team Spirit corporate magazine (a total of 15,000 copies printed)
  • Whistleblower hotline
  • Team-building events, meetings with executives
  • Employee training portal
  • Gravitation system to collect and review employee ideas
  • Supporting amateur sports and physical fitness
  • Participating in projects aimed at restoring national and spiritual values, heritage preservation
  • Financing significant exhibitions, staging shows and other cultural projects
  • Supporting higher education institutions, developing scientific potential and high-tech solutions
  • Supporting healthcare institutions and projects related to the development of advanced healthcare technologies
  • Financing projects that help address environmental challenges
  • Promoting financial literacy, including financial education workshops for young people (700 participants in 2019)
  • VTB to Russia portal dedicated to social projects
  • Social media accounts
Government and regulatory agencies
  • Information disclosure in accordance with legislative requirements
  • Agreements with government authorities in regions with operations
  • Participating in associations and charters, major business forums, and events
  • Participating in working groups with the Russian Ministry of Finance to develop legislative acts and regulatory documents
  • Participating in expert boards, parliamentary proceedings, round table discussions, and working groups to develop proposed laws that are of relevance for the Bank
  • Participating in working meetings sponsored by the Russian Civic Chamber, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
Business partners
  • Participating in international and national professional associations
  • Developing tendering procurement procedures
  • Preventing supply chain corruption
Media and analysts
  • Twelve events involving media representatives (86 participants)
  • Seven events for analysts (66 participants)
  • References to the Group in mass media (403,100 references)

Russia has a high degree of internet penetration: 95.8 million Russians use the internet, including social media. Considering the continuously growing amount of online communication with key stakeholders, VTB Group companies made a persistent effort in 2019 to fill their social media pages with content, publishing information that is relevant for all of the VTB Group’s stakeholders. More than 1.6 million people took part in VTB Group web projects in 2019. In addition, the united Bank’s website was updated in 2019. The number of visitors to it virtually doubled, reaching 41.6 million.The Group also communicates with stakeholders by publishing its Sustainability ReportUntil 2018, VTB Group Social Report.. To make it more interesting and useful, the VTB Group follows a procedure each year to define the scope of material topics that will be covered by the report, including polling stakeholders. Based on the results, a materiality matrix is developed that reflects the most significant aspects of sustainability-related Group activities as viewed by its internal and external stakeholders, as well as their impact on achieving strategic goals.

VTB Group’s official pages on social media platforms
VTB Group materiality matrix